next School from July 02nd till September 21st 2017

What is the School of Biblical Christian Worldview (SBCW)?

Information about the School (PDF)


Do you know what you believe and why you believe it? Are you able to explain your beliefs to others? The School of Biblical Christian Worldview has been created by the University of the Nations so that people can gain and explain a Biblical Christian Worldview.

The school deals with the cultural developments in our global world and gives insight into the thinking behind current social and political changes. The school will help you to find answers to your questions from a biblical approach. We look at today’s trends and various worldviews and at their historical and philosophical roots. With the Bible as our foundation, we educate Christians to be responsible and well-informed citizens in all spheres of life (family, economy, politics, science, church, media, and the arts).

Each student will be tutored by one of the staff. In these times, we go deeper into subjects that are of interest for you to find personal application from the teaching. Through this time, we ensure that you have understood the main concepts of the teachings. It is our goal to help each student find a framework that will help them to apply Biblical principles in their personal lives. We also emphasize the importance of character building and a godly lifestyle while searching for knowledge. With every student we will look at his future steps and help him to find his destinaty.


During this course, you learn to see the world through God’s eyes and to understand what He wants to do through you in your nation. Learning will be hands-on, as we visit historical and significant places in Switzerland like Geneva, (the City of Reformation and the UN) and Berne (where the Swiss Parliament is located). Additionally, we will visit businesses, churches and the Swiss Alps. You can look forward to learn from significant places of the Reformation, with speakers who are involved in positions of responsibility in different spheres of society. There will be classroom lectures, discussions and projects as well. Both in and out of the classroom, you will be learning from international teachers who are skilled in moving peoples’ hearts and challenging their minds.

Information about the next SBCW 013

Date: July 2nd till September 21st 2017

Costs: CHF 3’300.00 (incl. food and housing and VAT). Costs for outreach will be separate.

You will have the great opportunity to learn form international skillful teachers who understand to move the heart of the people and challenge their minds.


Visa requirements

Please have a look at the visa requirements for Switzerland.


You can download the application forms for the SBCW application_sbcw-wiler (PDF). (referenceform_sbcw-wiler)

Core course of the UofNUniversity from Youth with a Mission YWAM

014All of our schools are registered courses within the University of the Nations (HMT/SCI 213/214). The SBCW contains 12 credits. A prerequisite for the school is the successful completion of a Discipleship Training School (DTS) registered at the UofN, taken anywhere within YWAM (we also offer this DTS at our YWAM Base in Wiler). Are you planning to get a degree at the UofN? The School of Biblical Christian Worldview is a UofN core course. This course meets the applied Christian thinking core requirement for a bachelor’s degree and therefore may be taken in place of HMT/SCI 211 (Humanities & Science: A Christian Perspective).

The curriculum

The curriculum consists of three parts
  1. Understand how you and others think. Introduction into a Biblical Christian Worldview, in various philosophies, streams of thoughts of history, youth culture and trends, different religions and natural science.
  2. An introduction to Biblical thinking. Learn to think in a Biblical way. To receive tools which will enable you to evaluate what you hear and see. Interpretation of society, media, films, music and so on.
  3. To act in a Biblical Christian way. Learn to apply the Biblical Christian thinking in different spheres of life. Learn to win people for God’s truth and become a reformer for the 21st century.


Topics of the School08
  • Introduction: Biblical Christian Worldview
  • Connection between faith and reason
  • Biblical concept: Creation, fall, redemption, hope for the world
  • Epistemology: Learn to think biblically
  • What is the value of man? Human TraffickingHow does Media influence us?
  • Domain and spheres in the Bible and see who you can apply it into society
  • History of Western civilization
  • Why Christianity? Views of the different religions
  • Poverty or wealth?
  • Politics and the BibleCreation and Evolution
  • Interdependence in creation – Recycling
  • Science versus faith?

 Transformational words from former students


  • SBCW is to know how to bring the Kingdom of God to the world and to know about God’s character in all spheres of society. SBCW is a great tool to think about life and to research what is the meaning of life. Probably you asked this question as well. (Magda, Colombia)
  • The school of Biblical Christian Worldview change my view completely, how I see God and also the whole world. (Diana, Colombia)I learned that God’s Kingdom is not only to go to haven. It is happening here right now. It is to build his Kingdom in his creation. (Fogan, Togo)
  • SBCW help me to have arguments to clarify what you mean and be able to talk with non-Christians. In the SBCW we received a lot of new knowledge from different teacher, about what God wants to do in the world. (Claudia, Swiss/Colombia)SBCW prepared us to bring reformation into the whole world. To bring reformation in all spheres of society (Markus, Swiss)
  • SBCW help us to understand God’s plan for the whole world. It helped us to understand, his perspective, how he wants to bring redemption and restoration in all spheres of society. He is inviting us, all of us, be part of this restoration, that his Kingdom can grow more and more. (Leidy Luz, Colombia)
  • The SBCW has shown me how important it is to think through my own worldview on the basis of my belief system. It was exciting to have the opportunity to work through ethical, political and societal issues on the basis of the Christian faith and it showed me that I don’t just want to live my Christianity in the church but that it is also fun to think through current affairs. And the Bible has something to say about it! (Sandra, CH)
  • The SBCW awoke an active interest in politics in me. I never realized how important it is for us to be participative and have a voice. (Lizzi, CH




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