What is the School of Biblical Christian Worldview (SBCW)?

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School of Biblical Christian WorldviewDo you know what you believe and why you believe it?

To answer this question we created the 3 month course School of Biblical Christian Worldview (SBCW) under the University of the Nation (UofN) so that people can gain a biblical Christian worldview.

The school deals with the cultural developments in our global world and gives insight into the thinking behind current social and political changes. The school will help the students to find answers to the questions from a biblical approach. We will take a look behind the today’s trends and worldviews and look at their historical and philosophical origins. With the Bible as our basis, we educate Christians that they can be responsible and informed citizens in all spheres of life (family, economy, education, politics, science, church or arts).

Information about the next SBCW

Date: 5 July till 24 September 2015

Costs: CHF 3’300.00 (incl. food and housing and VAT). Costs for outreach will be separate.

You will have the great opportunity to learn form international skillful teachers who understand to move the heart of the people and challenge their minds.

Visa requirements

Please have a look at the visa requirements for Switzerland.


You can download the application forms for the SBCW here (PDF). (referenceform sbcw.wiler)

Academic information (U of N)

University from Youth with a Mission YWAMAll of our schools are registered courses within the University of the Nations (HMT/SCI 213). The SBCW represents 12 credits. A prerequisite for the school is the successful completion of a UofN  registered Discipleship Training School (DTS) taken anywhere within YWAM – why not here in Wiler?

Are you planning to get a degree at the UofN? The School of Biblical Christian Worldview is a UofN core course. This course meets the Applied Christian Thinking core requirement for a bachelor’s degree and therefore may be taken in place of HMT/SCI 211 (Humanities & Science: A Christian Perspective).

University of the Nations WilerThe curriculum

The curriculum consists of three parts:
  1. Analyze the thought and belief systems which have formed our thinking.
    Introduction to philosophy, the streams of thought of western history, youth culture and trends, various religions, natural sciences, politics, and so on.
  2. Learn to think biblically.
    Receiving tools which will enable us to evaluate what we hear, see and read. An introduction to biblical thinking, a media workshop, films,…
  3. Learn to apply biblical Christian thinking in the various spheres of life and society.
    Stewardship, ethics, work on specific subjects, discussions, excursions, community life, mentoring.

Each student will be tutored by one of the staff. In these times we will be able to look at subjects that are of personal interest and to talk about a personal application of the lecture. It is also to ensure that you have understood the main concepts of the teachings, and in the context of this cognitive development. It is our goal to help each student to find a framework that will help them to apply biblical principles in their personal lives. We also emphasize the importance of not only adding knowledge but also focusing on character building and a godly life style.

Learning and growing together will not only take place in a classroom setting but also outdoor at places where the Reformation happened and as well in workshops, discussion times, practical work, academics, reading books, final projects, intercession, self study and in community life.

Topics of the School
  • Introduction: Biblical Christian Worldview
  • Relationship between Faith and reason
  • Biblical concept: Creation, fall redemption
  • Epistemology: Learn to think biblical (Ellis Potter US)
  • View of man (Chris Child GB)
  • Human trafficking
  • Church History and Reformation
  • How does the Media manipulate in our days? Workshop
  • Domain and spheres in the bible and in our society 
  • History of our Civilisation (Markus Reichenbach CH)
  • different Worldview (Ellis Potter US)
  • Business and Poverty (Decent Levson Malawi)
  • Bible and Politics 
  • How to deal with Homosexuality
  • The challenges in Bioethics for the 21st century
  • Evolution or Creation

Transformational words from former students about the SBCW:

  • School of Biblical Christian Worldview in Wiler“The SBCW awoke an active interest in politics in me. I never realized how important it is for us to be participative and have a voice.”
    Lizzi L., CH
  • ”The SBCW has shown me how important it is to think through my own worldview on the basis of my belief system. It was exciting to have the opportunity to work through ethical, political and societal issues on the basis of the Christian faith and it showed me that I don’t just want to live my Christianity in the church but that it is also fun to think through current affairs. And the Bible has something to say about it!”
    Sandra J., D
  • ”The SBCW helped me to be able to generally evaluate things that I face daily. And it offered me a good basis for refining that evaluation ability – a process that is never complete in life … “
    Daniel H., CH
  • ”The SBCW was the tool that God used to wake me up from living out a narrow-minded and hidden Christianity.”
    Simona N., Romania
  • ”The school was not simply over for me after three months – I work with what I learned in the SBCW in my everyday life.”
    Hanna F., Sweden

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